Business Blockchain Network

The Blockchain Alliance Europe is establishing the first example of Business Blockchain Network (BBN) in Slovenia with the aim of bringing technology closer to companies and organizations through application cases, and thus making sense of it purpose, role and operation in society.

Objectives of BBN

The BBN will be set up to develop new forms of trust services available to European companies and organizations. It will follow the guidelines and standards of the European Blockchain Infrastructure (EBSI). The first example of using the BBN will be in a form of  trusted lists of members, partners and experts of Blockchain Alliance Europe.

Vision of BBN

The BBN enables organizations and businesses to efficiently use new forms of trust services based on blockchain technology. In this way, we strive to establish an accessible blockchain infrastructure, compliant with European guidelines and EBSI standards, for a wide range of business users to recognize its practical value and introduce it into existing systems. In particular, this makes sense for any certification of documents that require modification or addition of data and at the same time, protection from manipulation.

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What is a trust service?

Trust service means an electronic service that ensures secure electronic business in a way that it protects user privacy, identity and personal information. This way, it improves the user experience, security and overall coherence of the digital business process.

What is a trusted list?

A trusted list includes validated and updated information about e-service providers and their services and allows validated users to determine their status or track their history. Thus, trusted lists are a crucial element in building trust among electronic market operators.

What is EBSI?

The European Blockchain Services Infrastructure (EBSI) is one of the critical projects of the European Blockchain Partnership (EBP) developed by the European Union in collaboration with the Member States and blockchain technology experts. The primary purpose of the project is to establish a unified and open infrastructure for providers of public and also private services to increase their efficiency, security and transparency and promote the involvement of various stakeholders.

What does a business blockchain network allow?

In the first phase, the BBI business blockchain network will allow companies and organizations to create various trusted lists, such as a trusted list of companies, members, users or partners. Whereas later, it will also enable notarization of documents and the like.

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Who and under what conditions can use a business blockchain network?

Priority in the implementation of trust lists will be given to members and partners of Blockchain Alliance Europe. Nevertheless, we will strive to enable the use of the service to a broader range of companies and organizations as soon as possible.

Use of the BBI network will be free. The implementation of services without modifications will also be free of charge, which applies to members and partners without a time limit, and other interested organizations and companies until the end of the second quarter of 2021 (June 30, 2021).

* In case of great interest, members have priority over other organizations and companies.
* The implementation of services with modifications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, following the principle of broad accessibility for all interested parties.

Who are the hosts of the business blockchain network nodes?

It makes sense that organizations and companies that use the BBI network also host its nodes, insofar as they have the necessary tools to do so. Setup is easy with zero maintenance, and Blockchain Alliance experts will support you throughout the process.

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Milestones of the BBN project

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