Connecting Blockchain Communities of Europe

Blockchain Alliance Europe is a non-profit organization that connects European companies and legal entities that use or implement blockchain technologies.

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Our Mission

The Blockchain Alliance Europe was established with the purpose of mutual assistance in the field of business development, networking, cooperation and a joint approach to defending the interests of the members of the alliance. It also seeks to raise awareness of the importance of the blockchain technology among the professional and lay public, and, therefore, organizes various events and training courses. It also cooperates with the government authorities in the field of the relevant legislation.

Our Vision

The Blockchain Alliance Europe will be a key player in the process of creating a setting that will transform Slovenia and Europe into a global blockchain destination. The members will work harmoniously and in unison for the benefit of the individual and collective business development of European blockchain companies.


Decentralized music talent marketplace

Transforming big blockchain ideas into a game-changing reality

Solidum Capital

Professional crypto asset management solutions for beginners and experienced investors

Our blockchain payment scheme and solutions make financial services accessible to everyone globally.

Software development company specializing in enterprise Java and blockchain development

One-stop shop for risk management services, both in legal and economic field.

Revolutionary hardware blockchain wallet for safe storage of cryptocurrencies.

Pioneering by merging of research, science, art and business. Where creativity meets experience!

We unlock the value of blockchain technology for enterprises by removing the complexity and the barriers to entry.

Experts in quantitative data analysis. CeFi & DeFi research and consulting hub.

Truhoma develops innovative technologies to donate or to receive help in 100 % transparent & traceable way.

The all-inclusive platform to create, buy, sell, and swap NFTs, with all the benefits of the blockchain and ready for mass adoption.

A creative agency specializing in metaverse projects, a true business partner you can count on.

Devleet helps to shape, develop and digitalise ideas.


Transparent and Trusted Market Making and Liquidity Services.


Our comprehensive investment strategy is research-driven to enhance the investment field.

Blockchain Alliance Europe is a member of:

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Open positions at our members

Solidum Capital is looking for an experienced Operations Manager
Netis is looking for Software Solution Developer
Viberate hiring Back End Developer in Ljubljana
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